Delaware’s Annual “DoMore24” Day of Giving is coming up once again on March 3-4, and this year, we are setting our sights high!  We want to smash our fundraising from last year!  Given our lengthy closure and continued COVID limitations, we really need our community to help us raise these vital funds. 

The fundraising starts at 6 pm on March 3, and ends 24 hours later at 6 pm
March 4!  DCT will be competing with many other Delaware non-profits for a share of the “stretch pool” which is FREE MONEY based upon how much we can raise during the 24-hour event! 



We are asking all of our “DCT KIDS” and volunteers to create their own fundraising page which is linked to our main fundraising page.  Your page can have your favorite DCT photo, a video, and a short testimonial about why DCT is so important to our community, and what it means to you. 

Everyone who sets up their own page will receive a DCT goodie bag, and anyone who is able to raise at least $200 will receive a code for free merchandise from the DCT store, two free tickets to “James and the Giant Peach”, and a public shout out on Facebook and Instagram! 

 Please join the team and start and promote your own DoMore24 page! Instructions follow!

Start Your Fundraiser: 

  • Click this link: 


  • Select “Start a Fundraiser” 

  • Title your Fundraiser “Delaware Children’s Theatre – First and Last name (very important that it is titled this way!)   

  • Set your fundraising goal. 
  • Add a favorite photo of yourself at DCT

  • Write a short statement about why supporting DCT is important to you 
  • Optional and fun – record and short video about DCT – or upload a clip of your performing in a show at DCT!

 Voila! You have your very own fundraising page!   Share it with friends, family, coworkers – anyone who might be able to donate.  Since the fundraising does not start until 6 pm on March 3, ask them to set a reminder on your page for the start of the event, and also, be sure to remind them just before and during the DoMore24 event! 


Think of what we can do! Together we are #DCTSTrong!  Thank you for your loyal support and hard work!