We welcome you to volunteer at The Delaware Children’s Theatre! Check out the volunteer roles below!

If you are interested in volunteering with us, just send us an email.


Children’s Cast Coordinators: You will be responsible for overseeing the makeup and costuming, as well as moving of children quietly to and from the backstage area. You are also responsible for making sure the dressing and backstage areas are kept clean, organized, and that the children hang their costumes up when done.
Raffles: This requires you to help with coordinating items to be raffled and/or sales of tickets at performances.
Concessions/Tickets: With this role, you will assist with sales before the show or during intermission. You may also be asked to help sell merchandise.
Ushering: Ushers assist with seating prior to performances, and light walkways for patrons/actors during performances. Please see ushers guidelines for more information.
Costumes: Helping with costumes involves sewing (hand and machine), ironing, embellishing, and distressing the costumes. There is a costume coordinator super mario run for each show that the costume helpers will report to for assignments and guidance.
Hair/Make-up: The make-up helpers will use templates created by the designer to apply/remove make-up from the actors. This role also involves hair dressing as needed.
Bulletin Board: The bulletin board is the audiences’ first look at who is in the cast. This role requires the design and decoration of the board. The cast headshots are typically supplied by either the Production Manager or the Stage Manager.
Cast Party: The cast party requires lots of helping hands to coordinate food items, paper products, set up and break down of tables/chairs. This event is gamf.net held after the final performance of each show. Families of the cast and crew are always invited.
Set Building/Painting: This role will assist the main set designer and builder for the show. The tasks are dictated by the needs of the production.


  • Ushers must be appropriately dressed in black and white. No jeans, tank tops or sneakers.
  • Ushers are asked to arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the show. When you arrive, you must check in with the House Manager. You will then be asked to pick a flashlight, located on the top shelf of the coat rack, located in the back of the theatre. Once you pick your flashlight you must check that it is working properly.
  • Prior to the start of the show, Ushers are to assist patrons in locating available seats. Any patrons arriving late should be asked to wait for an “applause moment” to be seated.
  • Photos and videotaping are an infringement of copyright law and are strictly forbidden. Additionally, Flash photography endangers our actors and actresses by temporarily blinding them. If you see a patron photographing or video taping, quietly go to them and inform them they must stop immediately and turn off and put their phone or equipment away.
  • Ushers are asked to watch for patrons leaving their seats to exit the theatre during the show. Ushers will need to light the walkways and steps for them as they leave and return. Actors and actresses may be moving through the aisles during the shows. Ushers will also need to be away of that happening and light their way. Please do NOT allow performers waiting to move down the aisles to stand on the steps while they wait.
  • Ushers must refrain from talking during the show and to keep waiting actors from talking as well.